About us

About Us

Volken Seal Engineering Company has always strived to present the latest “Seal Technology” and great Value added Services to the customers. It is primarily into manufacturing of mechanical shaft seals for various industries and expanding its geographical reach in India.

Our company is one of the best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Mechanical Seals, Sealing Components, Seal Support Systems and Rotary Unions in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We offer pump mechanical seals, pusher mechanical seals, non-pusher mechanical seals, single and double mechanical seals, balanced and unbalanced mechanical seals, cartridge mechanical seals, agitator & mixer mechanical seals.

Why Volken Engineering

Quality Assurance

All Products are Monitored by the QC Service

Certified Product

All Products are Certified According to ISO Standards.

Best in Price

Our High-quality Product is the Best in Price.

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Rapid Service Concerning our products